Intermediate Macroeconomics Econ 2450

Course outline (continuously updated)

Check back regularly for updates to problems, the outline, and other material.

Math preparation material

For more math revision, look into the contents of Econ 1530 as I taught it in 2005.

Midterm results



Some figures

Canada’s unemployment rate 1976-2009

Union membership and unemployment in North America

Union wages (data)

Union wage model illustration: low A, high A

Taxes in Canada and Sweden

US trade data

Old exams

First, second, third midterms from Winter 2015

Second midterm from Fall 2016

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Other links of potential interest, but not course relevant


                The Penn World Table

                Statistics Canada

Academic rankings

Ideas ranking of economists and economics departments in Canada

Ideas ranking of economics journals (useful to learn who at York publishes well — and who doesn’t...)

Articles, blogs

David Levine on Keynesian models