Nippe Lagerlöf’s publications

Time since what? (Re)interpreting the Neolithic transition in a Malthusian environment


In: Cervellati, M., and U. Sunde (eds.), Demographic Change and Long-Run Development, 2017, The MIT Press

Born free

Working paper version

Online appendix


Journal of Development Economics 121, 2016, 1-10. First article in volume

Statehood, democracy and preindustrial development

Online appendix


Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 67,  2016, 58-62

Malthus in Sweden


Scandinavian Journal of Economics 117, 2015, 1091-1133

Population, technology and fragmentation: the European miracle revisited

           Supplementary notes



Journal of Development Economics 108, 2014, 87-105

Violence and property rights


Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 37,  2013, 312-328

A dynamic theory of competence, loyalty and stability in dictatorships

             Matlab code


The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics (Topics) 12, 2012

Pacifying monogamy

Supplementary notes on SCCS data

Supplementary notes to older version


Journal of Economic Growth 15, 2010, 235-262

From Malthusian war to Solovian peace

You may find this paper elsewhere with “Solowian’’ in the title. That is wrong. It should be “Solovian’’  even though the adjective obviously refers to Robert M. Solow. Go figure.

Supplementary notes

Replaces this paper, which is cited in Murat İyigün’s “Luther and Suleyman” (QJE November 2008)

Codes and data:

Matlab code for Figures 2-7 in the paper

Data for Figure 1(a) (csv) and the Stata code to make the figure

Data for Figure 1(b) (Stata) and the Stata code to make the figure



Review of Economic Dynamics 13, 2010, 616-636

Slavery and other property rights 

Earlier version (September 2006)

Supplementary notes to earlier version

Matlab code for simulation, Figure


Review of Economic Studies 76, 2009, pp. 319-342

Ethnic diversity, civil war, and redistribution

with Thomas Tangerås

Complementary notes


Scandinavian Journal of Economics 111, 2009, pp. 1-27. First article in volume

From rent seeking to human capital: a model where resource shocks cause transitions from stagnation to growth

with Thomas Tangerås

Complementary notes


Canadian Journal of Economics 41, 2008, pp. 760-780

Per-capita income gaps across US states and Canadian provinces 

with Syed Basher


Journal of Macroeconomics 30, 2008, pp. 1173-1187

Long-run trends in human body mass

Earlier (longer) version

Supplement to earlier version


Macroeconomic Dynamics 11, 2007, pp. 367-387

Individual versus parental consent in marriage: implications for intra-household resource allocation and growth

with Lena Edlund

Working-paper version


American Economic Review Papers & Proceedings 96, 2006, pp. 304-307

The Galor-Weil model revisited: a quantitative exercise

Matlab code to replicate Figure 10 in the paper


Review of Economic Dynamics 9, 2006, pp. 116-142

Sex, equality, and growth



Canadian Journal of Economics 38, 2005, pp. 807-831

Gender equality and long-run growth

For a richer but messier version of the model see Can more gender equality lead to higher fertility?’’


Journal of Economic Growth 8, 2003, pp. 403-426

Mortality and early growth in England, Sweden, and France


Scandinavian Journal of Economics 105, 2003, pp. 419-439

From Malthus to modern growth: can epidemics explain the three regimes?


International Economic Review 44, 2003, pp. 755-777

Endogenous fertility and the old-age security hypothesis: a note


Journal of Public Economics 64, 1997, pp. 279-286